【Memories】+Top 10 Western Childhood memories! 十大西方兒時玩意!+

Since Bee and I grew up in vastly different cultures and in different parts of the world, there are many things from our childhood that the other wasn't able to experience. 
After developing a relationship I learned many  of the great Western style activities as a child I experienced that Bee hasn't been able too. I have compiled a list of the top 10 memories of my Childhood that Bee hasn't experienced that I would love to share with her! I hope that we can share them soon or perhaps someday with Kids of our own!
Top 10 Western Childhood memories:

1. +Christmas+:
-Okay not a surprising choice and also something that is generally celebrated around the world. But nothing is quite like Christmas in Canada. The snow, hot chocolate, the family together at home by the fire, makes for a pretty magical movie like experience. Not to mention the adrenaline toy rush feeling as a kid, haha.
The ginger bread house we made last Christmas!(joy for fun, taste bad to eat)
2. Trick or Treating, Halloween:
-Always my second favorite holiday, trick or treating was always a thrill as a kid. It was exciting to get free candy from your neighbors all while competing with friends on you can fill their pill case with the most chocolate.  
Only downside is the frozen hands from carrying the heavy bag during the cold October night. 

3. Summertime Boating and BBQ:
-Hot dogs, steak and baked potato.....yum! Plus tubing (being pulled by a speed boat while in an inflatable tube) at the family cottage, was a lot of fun. 
Even though you were scared of falling off the tube but didn't want to show in front of the cousins. 

4. LaserTag/Paintball:
-I loved LaserTag as a kid and still do. Which later progressed to a love for paintball once my mother allowed me to play. I have actually gotten to play LaserTag with Bee, when she came to visit last December. We had so much although she killed me too much. I have a feeling paintball might be a lot harder to get her to play. 

5. Calgary Stampede:
-A big tradition here in Calgary, Stampede was always a highlight of my youth. It really kicked off the summer as the first big event after school was finished for the summer. I always loved the Rodeo and riding the horses among the western syle activities. Another favorite was the food! Deep fried Oreos, dip-n-dots ice cream and mini donuts, Yum!

6. Fishing:
- Okay I have a feeling this is likely something Bee would not like, haha but still a great memory is fishing with my father and friends. The satisfaction of catching a big trout was amazing for me and something great to experience. Canada has some of the best fishing in the world. I would recommend Salmon fishing on the west coast as a good spot. Trout fishing in Alberta is good too.

7. Camping:
-Speaking of summer camping was always something exciting to do. Although I didn’t go much the few times I did was always a blast. Setting up a tent, eating camp fire food, nature walks and having 100% family time was something always special. Not having a shower is a big downside though.

8. Rainy days and board games:
-A Western staple during a rainy day is to play board games. A family favorite was always Monopoly. It was fun to have the family together playing. I loved playing and especially winning, haha. As a kid I think my parents let me win but I will pretend that as a kid I was that smart to win every time.

9. Childhood Sport teams:
-This one will be tough to share with Bee but maybe someday with a kid of our own. I loved playing hockey as a kid, I also played basketball and soccer. It was exciting to play with a big group of friends, and compete in games. It was also special to have my family watch and cheer me on. The best part was the after-game stops for Pizza!  

10. Golf:
-Last but certainly not least, I loved golf as a kid. I loved to play the game with my father and friends as a kid and I still do today. I continue to golf and played for my college team. This is something I got to do with Bee too. I think she enjoyed it although maybe does not like to play as much as I haha. Nonetheless I hope Bee is still willing to play with me some.

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